Commercial Concrete Floor Coating

On the hunt for a quality concrete floor coating? Look no further than your local business-focused installer – Duramax! 

Commercial coatings are designed specifically to protect and improve the appearance of concrete floors in high-traffic areas. Not only will your floor look great, but it will be easier and less expensive to clean. Call us today about finding the best coating for your needs.


The Duramax Difference

Not all concrete floor coatings are created equal. Duramax is designed to provide a faster, cleaner, stronger solution for your concrete floors.

Clean & Quick Installation

Our certified experts complete the installation quickly, so you’ll be back in business within two days or less. We are also careful to set up a dust-reduction system to keep your business dust free.

Extremely Durable

Our patented polyaspartic coatings are durable, stylish, stronger, and more flexible than epoxy and won’t chip or peel.

Slip Resistant & 100% Antibacterial

A Duramax floor will make it easier to maintain your safety standards with a easy-to-clean, 100% antibacterial floor. Leaking oil and winter salt can easily be wiped away.

10-Year Full Service Warranty

Your investment in commercial floor coating is protected by a 10-year full service warranty. If anything chips or delaminates in the first 10 years after installation, we will repair it at no cost.

“This company installs a Superior product in a timely manner. The workers are as pleasant as can be expected, and show up on time and ready to get it done. Whatever it is that needs to be done. Love love love them!”

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Our simple process


Prepare the Floor

We begin by preparing your concrete and removing salt and oil residue from the concrete using diamond grinding. To reduce dust, all grinders are connected to a vacuum sysyem.


Repair the Concrete

Our unique Duralast crack filler is used to fill pits and cracks, then we smooth out the floor surface with a grinder.


Apply a Basecoat

We apply Duralast’s self priming 100% solids polyurea which gives the coating a bonded, flexible foundation.


Add Color and Texture

After an area has been basecoated, chips are added to the wet basecoat, putting color and texture into the floor.


Scrape the Floor

After the basecoat is dry, the floor is scraped with steel blades, then vacuumed to be sure there are no loose chips on the floor.


Finish with a Top Coat

The last step is to squeegee, then roll out the UV stable polyaspartic top coat to complete the seal. This gives the floor a clean, polished finish.

Concrete Floor Coatings are an Excellent Choice for a Variety of Businesses

From food service to office spaces, Duramax concrete floor coatings are an ideal solution for any business that needs a durable, easy-to-clean, antibacterial floor.

  • Auto Garages
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Kennels
  • Laboratories
  • Laundromats
  • Locker-Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Restaurants
  • Restrooms
  • Retail Areas
  • Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Storage Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • And more…

Regardless of your industry, a commercial concrete floor coating can add years of life to your floor and provide a clean, professional-looking environment for your customers. 

Superior Materials

A long-lasting floor coat begins with a polyurea base coat, a derivative of polyurethane. The advantage of the polyurea over epoxy is it has a much better bond, and it is flexible. So as your concrete contracts and expands with the heat and cold the coating will remain intact.


We build on that foundation with a polyaspartic topcoat. The topcoat is a durable clear coating that seals everything in, and it protects the base coat from scratches and wear. The polyaspartic coating is also UV stable, meaning it does not fade with the sun. While epoxies will start to fade and change color when they come in direct contact with the sunlight, your polyaspartic coating will retain its color and shine.

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