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Duramax Concrete Coatings is a family-owned and operated business serving Narvon, PA and the surrounding areas with superior concrete Duralast Coatings. The sealing that we use on your residential or commercial floor is stronger and more flexible than epoxy., doesn’t chip or peel, is UV stable polyaspartic, and 100% anti-bacterial! It’s salt and oil resistant too! Best of all, our factory-trained team can install it in one day!

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Free Consultations | 10 year full-service warranty | One-Day Installations

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Free Consultations | 10 year full-service warranty | One-Day Installations

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Commercial Concrete Floor Coating

On the hunt for a quality concrete floor coating? Look no further than your local business-focused installer – Duramax!

Commercial coatings are designed specifically to protect and improve the appearance of concrete floors in high-traffic areas. Not only will your floor look great, but it will be easier and less expensive to clean. Call us today about finding the best coating for your needs

Concrete Basement Floor Coating

Whether you use your basement for storage or part of your living space, you need a clean, dry, and comfortable floor. An uncoated concrete basement floor is damp, dirty, and degrades the overall cleanliness of your home. It’s uncomfortable to step on in bare feet, and it’s hard to keep it warm in the wintertime.

There is a better way. A Duramax concrete floor coating will not only make your basement more comfortable to walk on, but it will also protect your concrete from damage. Our patented coating process creates a moisture barrier that can help keep your basement floor dry and easy-to-clean.

Concrete Garage Floor Coating

If your garage floor is showing signs of wear – stains, cracks, or fading – a Duramax coating can renew the look of your garage floor and protect it from stains and scratching.

Your garage is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it provide a place to store your car and other belongings, it’s often our first stop when we arrive at home. For others, it also serves as a workspace or entertainment area.

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value David and his team have done two jobs for us. Both with fantastic results. We had both our pool deck and basement floor coated. Superior job, great look, prompt service and courteous people. Highly recommend using their services. Services: Repair flooring, Install flooring


A typical two-car garage is between $2,000 – $3,000 depending on actual square footage and condition.

Polyaspartic is a coating similar to epoxy but is more flexible and has a stronger bond. Additionally, polyaspartic has a higher heat resistance, therefore hot tires will not cause it to peel.

No, unlike epoxy, polyaspartic is UV stable so it will not yellow or fade from sunlight.

Polyaspartic is an extremely tough coating used on floors where durability is a priority. It finishes with a glossy appearance and is very scratch resistant.

Polyaspartic is a resinous product made from polyurea which is a urethane product.

Polyaspartic is becoming a favorite because of its long-lasting properties and attractive appearance.

Polyaspartic floors are easy to maintain. Simply use a mild soap and rinse with water and use a squeegee to clear water off.

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